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Barefoot Sole

The ultra thin, 4 mm barefoot sole provides optimal grip and also protects your feet from hot sand, stones and claws. Thanks to breathable synthetic fibers, the sole remains airy, ensuring pleasant breathability.

Wide Toe Box

The Bronoir barefoot shoe frees your toes, is super comfortable to wear, and fits like a second skin due to the elastic upper material. This makes your feet more mobile while promoting a natural and upright gait.

Zero Heel Drop

With Bronoir's zero heel drop sole, every step you take feels like you're walking barefoot, bringing you closer to the earth.This direct connection not only strengthens your ligaments and muscles.


Naturally Barefoot

Welcome to Bronoir, your solution to foot pain through natural movement. Our minimalist shoes, designed with zero-drop soles and wide toe boxes, not only alleviate discomfort but also promote foot health. As a forward-thinking startup, we're committed to innovating footwear that supports and frees your feet. Discover the difference with Bronoir—where every step moves you towards comfort and well-being.


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